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Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy to match your business

As a freelance marketing expert I would work with you to assist with the development of marketing strategies that match your business needs.

I can bring my marketing experiences from many different industry sectors as well as my general business knowledge to enable us to create plans that are realistic but also measurable. The emphasis will be on lead generation enabling a clear ROI from the marketing activities.

My role is to engage with key aspects of your company, and am able to also accompany your existing marketing team and give guidance.

I strongly believe that a marketing strategy should be closely aligned to the overall business plan and that a successful plan can only be realised if we have a targeted approach. With this in mind, the first steps of our partnership would be to generate customer personas to enable us to fully understand our target audience.

Customer personas are a key tool regarding consumer behaviour, this in turn enables us to generate targeted marketing activities that add value to the customer/clients.

Not only will the strategies focus on lead generation and sales, but will also generate increased brand awareness within your industry and beyond.

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Marketing Strategy
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