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Online marketing

The full toolbox

As an experienced inbound and outbound marketing expert I can assist you with the development of your online strategy using the full range of tools available, such as SEO, SEA, PPC advertising, Social Media and Content Marketing.

The first steps would be to establish the best communication methods to use for your business, this can be especially important within the B2B sector. There is a common assumption that companies should use every form of Social Media, however this is simply not the case and very much depends on your target audience.

Regarding SEO, I can advise on how to improve your website to enable a greater return on organic search.

My experience of running PPC advertising campaigns and SEM in general, enables me to offer expert guidance on how to generate greater results, or accompany you on your first steps in PPC and SEM.

In addition, I will use my experience of Social Media marketing to assist you with the development of content that is engaging with the audience. I also offer a service to write content.

Expert advice can also be given on PR, Blogs, Email campaigns and both external and internal Newsletters. I also offer a copy writing service for these elements.

Utilising all the relevant online marketing tools creates a multi-channel marketing strategy.

All online marketing activities would be based on a data-driven strategy, so KPIs would be established so that we can see the results, enabling us to determine the ROI.

The ultimate target is to grow your audience, create leads, and, increase sales and profitability.

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