RheinReal Immobilien Gmbh

I am currently working for the client RheinReal Immobilien GmbH, a commercial real estate company in Cologne, Germany.

My role is to assist them to grow the brand within the commercial real estate sector, with a focus on the investment market. To establish RheinReal as experts in their field is also a key target. I recommended basing our communication around their slogan "Personal - Passionate - Agile"

Much of my guidance is dedicated to their LinkedIn company page. I am responsible for advice regarding content and some content creation to grow the number of followers.

From the start of this project I have driven creative content that is of value to the clients and potential clients, this means providing content that assists the audience when it comes to finding solutions. This has also been key to maintaining the increased levels of followers.

Employee involvement in the process has also been key to the success, enabling us to generate content from many areas of the business. This was also cemented by the creation of "meet the team Q&As".

I constantly monitor the posts based on the KPIs that we agreed at the start of the project.

Below are a selection of the key KPIs including the growth within the last 12 months that I have been working with RheinReal.




RheinReal Investment

Marketing Consultant




difference in 12 months

Avg. Engagement rate

8.97% (+127%)

Competitor avg. 3%

Top performing post


Total Clicks

(12 months)


Total Impressions

(12 months)