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With an expert knowledge of how to build a brand, create brand equity and build brand loyalty I can assist you in the development and success of your brand in often highly competitive markets.

Brand development and growth is essential for long term success and is an important aspect of business from

start-ups to large corporations.

I use my practical experiences from working for well-known international brands, but also utilise brand building models to ensure continuous brand success or assist you in re-branding.

Copy Writing

With many years experience of writing copy for Press Releases, Product Descriptions, Magazine Articles and Company Newsletters for various companies, I can offer you this service.

The focus is always on engaging content that is written in the style to match the audience. Using the correct tone of voice and vocabulary.

This is an additional service to that offered under Online Marketing, of which you have the opportunity to engage me in copy writing for Social Media posts.

Market Research

Market Research is key to continuous success and complements the other marketing activities in forming part of the overall business objectives.

Throughout my career I have undertaken many pieces of Market Research, ranging from New Product Development (NPD) research for such companies as Henkel, through to Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

Therefore I am able to assist you with Market Research projects, giving advice and support to you and your team.

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Branding, Market Research
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